Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Walking with You

Wow!  It's been forever since I posted.  Sorry!  =(
I have thought about posting and wanted to everyday...but sometimes life just gets the best of you.
However,  stay tuned...I have a crafting project and a recipe coming up!

Do you ever need someone to just be there?

I want to be there for you...I know, I can't be there in person, but I can be there through prayer.  We all go through seasons of struggles and pains.  I want to be there to pray for you during those times.  God hears and He answers!

So feel free to ask.
I will never share your requests (on or off the blog) unless you ask me to.  I love you...not because I am super woman, but because the love of Jesus has been poured into my heart and empowers me to love is His love through me.  I want to be a warrior for you...a prayer warrior.

Find out more about blogging prayer warriors...
and check out my new page...Warrior for You!

Covered in Grace


  1. this is so nice! :) thank you so much for the sweet reply. it was so encouraging to me. one of my favorite things about blogging is the awesome network of christian bloggers.

  2. Needed this after the day, I mean month or two or three that we have had. Thanks for caring for us even though you don't know us.
    One day I will start blogging again but I pray for all of us as well. What would we do if we didn't have the Lord in our lives. I feel so bad for people who go through the tough times we all do but have nothing else. We ARE truly blessed!!

  3. Thanks so much girl! That means a lot :) I will most definitely keep you in mind when I am in need of some help <3

    Take care!

    <3 Jamie