Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Up and Running?

Hello Lovies!

My new website is (mostly) up and running. It still looks pretty basic, but I'm working on the design. It may take me a bit.

The new blog location is:

I'm super excited to be self hosted! Unfortunately, now that I'm with WordPress, Google Friend Connect is no more. *tears*

So if you follow me that way, please, please, please come visit and follow me via rss (once I get it up later today or tomorrow)!

That's about all for now ladies.
Be blessed

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Girl Behind the Blog: That One Time...

Hello lovlies!
It's time for...

(Actually it's past time, but that's beside the point.)

The lovely hosts are Ashley from 5ohWifey and Julie from Awkward to Art. Go meet them both please? They are wonderful! =)

I finally figured out a few awkward stories about myself and am here to share. Aren't you excited?

{Just a note...when I say that my grandmother lives with my grandparents, I meant that she lives with my parents.}

I hope you enjoyed this little video, but before you go, I need to warn you that in a few days I won't ber here. Here being:

Instead I will be moving this blog to:

If you go there right now you will see a generic page with no don't! =)
But by Wednesday or Thursday, I will (Lord willing) have all of this, moved over there! Stay tuned the next few days for following information, etc. There will be plenty of changes, especially because I will not be using the blogger platform any longer. Yep...I'm switching to Word Press.

Honestly, I'm actually a bit sad. I have really liked blogger. But I think it will be best for my blog right now. Hope to see you all around still! And don't worry, although I hope to be posting more, there will be no other major least for awhile! =)

Be blessed,

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alphabet Week 20: TTT

Hello lovelies! We made it To week Twenty!!!

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Tea - I like tea...especially in the evenings. You?

People I Know:
Travis - My husband and the BESTEST person in the whole wide world!
Tony - My dad goes by Tony (his name is Anthony) and we have good friend named Tony
Taylor - I know a few girls and boys with this name
Tannah - A little girl that I used to go to church with.
Trenton - One of Travis' college friends
Tabbie/Tabby/Tabitha - Lots of these ladies that I love
Tad - A pastor at our church in Olympia
Ted - A firefighter who was a friend before he was a firefighter...Idk why I said it that way! haha!
Thomas - Another friend
Tons more... =)

Terra Cotta

Travis - Of coarse!
Talking - Yep. Sad but true!
Teens - I miss being a youth leader
Teaching - I love, love, love teaching!

Dictionary Word I didn't Know:
Tabacosis - Tabaco poisoning

Teriyaki - Travis loves teriyaki, but I'm not a huge fan
Thai - Neither of us likes thai food
Tortillas - LOVE
Tamales - My great grandma used to make AMAZING tamales...but I was too young to appreciate them. =(
Tangerines - YUM!
Tarts, Tortes, and other yummy "t" desserts!

I hope this Tops off your day and week Terrifically!

Be blessed.