Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I Made Wednesday!

I am feeling much better than I did yesterday, although I still took a nap after my morning run just to keep myself on the path to full health.

I had a few hours this afternoon so I decided that instead of spending a few hours on pinterest and my google reader looking at all these amazingly creative crafts other people are doing, I should sit down and do one myself!  So I pulled out a half finished project and within 45 minutes it was done!

I made a belt!  I got the pleather (pho leather) at Joannes a few months ago on clearance. I bought a quarter yard and it cost me two dollars!  I also bought some 2 inch black elastic that was on sale...I don't remember how much it cost, but I know it was not more than a few dollars.  The black elastic is on the back of the belt...sorry that I forgot to get pictures of the back!  I used the buckle off an old shoe that I never wore.
(Note: practice sewing on pleather before you cut all your fabric to size and start in on the project)

It definitely does not look profesional, but its a start and I think it looks cute! I have enough pleather and elastic for at least two more.  I'll try to get some full outfit pictures up soon!

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Be blessed!


  1. cool!!! I would never even think about making a belt......but my daughter does...she is creative like you.

  2. Hey, I do a What I Made Wednesday, too! I couldn't bring myself to do a What I Wore, so I came up with What I Made instead. Here's a post contemplating that decision and today's WIM Wednesday from my neck of the woods...


  3. You clever girl!!! That's really cute.