Monday, February 13, 2012


The last few several days have been a bit crazy for me. So I didn't take any outfit picture or post at all last week! Thursday afternoon Travis and I are started to coach middle schoolers in basketball for a homeschool league. I was nervous and excited...I shouldn't have been. It was a blast!  There were 8 boys and 1 girl.  It was a lot of fun to work with them and I'm excited for this Thursday!

Also Thursday night, Friday night, and all day Saturday, my mom and I are were coordinating the church's annual youth group fundraiser - a Valentines Desert Theater!  I acted in these every year when I was in high school. It is fun and kinda weird to be on the other end of it now - Coordinating servers/ushers and childcare workers and making sure that the coffee pots got plugged into different outlets all over the church so that they wouldn't blow any fuses and trying to have enough deserts prepped, but not so many that we have extras...
So that was my crazy weekend. And to top it of, our lifeguard inservice training was Sunday night and the going away party for my former boss was Saturday night!  Craziness!!!
Anywho, I'm back and hopefully with a little more time than last week.

Here are a few instagram highlights of my week...
Wishing for sunshine...

A cool looking decal on my favorite purse.

Friday morning Travis and I stayed in bed till 11 and then I made this delicious breakfast...waffles and bacon.  Yum!

I love the Starbucks Valentines day cups!!!

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Have a blessed day!

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