Friday, November 16, 2012

Snips and Snaps of Life

Do you every pray for something, and then it happens immediately?
And you are blown away and in awe of God?
{Even though you know He's totally big enough to do that and more.}
And then you're a bit overwhelmed?
And then you wonder if you were really ready for the answer?

Tutoring Business Cards
That was me. Last Monday, I prayed with my women's bible study for 8-10 hours worth of tutoring jobs a week. And BAM!
Now I have 10+ hours of tutoring a week! God is so good!

But now I'm having to figure out all over again how to balance...
grocery shopping
blogging {!!!}
spending time with my hubby
bible study {#shereadstruth}

In some of those areas, I feel like this past week was an epic fail. =( 
But God is good, He give grace and He love me no matter what. I am so glad that I serve such a gracious and loving Father!

And even though some of those areas might have felt like total failures, others were great! Like spending time with my hubby. Now, I'm recharged and ready to tackle life with even more vigor than before! Are you ready? I am!

Diptic collage I made for my lock screen

I am ready...

to live
to love
to serve
to give
to be still
to exercise
to work
to be in the presence of my Maker
to be filled
to pour out
to give all the glory to Jesus {He alone is worthy}

So here are just a few random snippets of my life, snapped with my iPhone {seriously...I am so blessed}.  Enjoy!

She booked her ticket!!!
More babysitting.

His shoes are the cutest!

Look at that face! Haha! <3
"The Band" playing a show at spOt Coffee

AJ being weird

My Love! <3 He plays and sings so well!
Just me in a favorite outfit. Why did I not put the bag down for the picture?

And a favorite pair of shoes!
So this is my life. I hope that in some random way, it blesses you.
Keep in contact dear friends!

Be blessed

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  1. Oh girl I totally understand the balance problem!! =S And I also had an epic fail in some of those areas this week! Oh well =)
    God is good whatever the week looks like =)
    Much Love!

  2. Oh, the struggle to balance all the pieces of life is such a universal struggle! I still haven't figured it out and I've been at it for awhile! Just stopping by from Hellow Hue.

  3. Love your collage for your screen!
    And that outfit? Super cute.
    Praying for you to balance everything- thank goodness we find grace in Him! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend (and Thanksgiving too!)!!

  4. That baby is adorable! Love your outfit too.

  5. Cute outfit! So glad you were able to get the amount of work you were hoping for :) Newest follower, stopping over from the linkup :)

  6. That is the cutest baby EVER!! LOL thanks for watching him, you truly are a blessing!! :)