Thursday, November 1, 2012


Hello Dear Friends!

Today I am beyond excited to announce the opening of...

My Etsy Shop is now open!

Over the past 4 weeks, I have spent hours dreaming, planning, designing, and (or coarse) crocheting.  I have doubted myself many times, but in the end, I knew I needed to make the leap and give it my ALL.  And I am so proud of the final result!

Here is just a peek of what you will find for sale there.

Ruffled with Giant Flower Headband in Gray

Double Bow Headband in Black

Ruffled with Giant Flower Headband in Cream

Double Bow Headbands in Black - Adult and Child

Girls Double Bow Headband in Black

Simple Bow Headband in Black 
Girls Simple Bow Headband in Black

Okay, pause right here with me...
Is she not the CUTEST.THING.EVER???
I loved doing this little photo shoot with her. She is the sweetest little girl, but has a hilariously silly and spunky side as well. And no, she's not mine. Haha! But we did pretend! =)

Mother/Daughter Sets
I won't lie...its been a bit overwhelming at times, but God is so faithful and good.
So spread the word, like my page on Etsy, and share it with everyone you know! I am super excited to start this new blogging venture.

Oh...and a little secret. I didn't show you ALL the items. There are more! And more in the works too...whew! If nothing else, I hope I can bring some inspiration and courage to your crafting through mine.

P.S. The adorable new blog and shop design that is slowly taking over? They were created with the help of Kara from The Snugly Duckling. Go say hi and tell her how nice it's all starting to look!

Be blessed

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  1. Alesha, congratulations on your new Etsy Shop. You have some beautiful items for sale so you're sure to do well.

  2. Congratulations Alesha! Everything looks great. So excited for you :)

  3. Yay! I'm adding this to my weekend links tomorrow! Good luck with that!

  4. i absolutely LOVE that double bow headband! so creative. all i can crochet is a scarf haha. good luck with the shop!

  5. Very pretty! those look hard to make!