Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Sugar...

...for 6 months. Yep...that's right. I'm on a SIX MONTH sugar fast.


I started last Sunday...and by some miracle have made it one week already. Whoohoo!

So today, at a cousin's birthday party, I posted this to instagram...

What I am NOT eating... looked so good.

So here are the details. My sister Abigail and I are doing this together so here are all the details:

Duration: 6 months
Allowed Foods: Natural sugars including fruit, honey, agave, etc.
Banned Foods: Sugar
Specified "Cheat Days": Once per week for one small serving of sugar (ie. a cookie or flavored latte)
Once per month full splurge much sugar as I want! (Note: the week I use my full splurge day, I DO NOT get an additional day for a small amount of sugar)
Start Date: July 15, 2012
End Date: ....6 months from now??? We really need to figure that out exactly.

Have you ever done a sugar fast or cut out another food like this? What was it like? How did you keep yourself motivated?

Be blessed.


  1. Yes! I did it for 2 months a few months ago and I gained weight because I was never satisfied and ended up eating more salty foods, high carbs - I guess trying to find something to satisfy my sweet tooth - so I gave in. I hope you can do better - I do believe I would feel better if I stayed away from sugar. Good Luck! Looking forward to reading your blog and finding out how well it is going for you.

  2. Woohoo!! You made it past the first week! That's the hardest week!! And kudos to you for resisting birthday cake! I've done this before, though not for 6 months. It's nice because you can really see the difference in your attitude, energy level, skin, and of course weight. Just wait, fruit will seem sweeter and white refined sugar will taste like a very poor imitation! And! You won't miss it! ~Christina M.

  3. I gave up sweets for lent. AND I LOVE SWEETS! But honestly, it gets a lot easier. Natural things like fruit and honey taste a lot more sweet once you don't have the fake-ish stuff running through your system. I found I eat a lot less sweets now than I did before.

  4. Oh my, I wish I had that kind of willpower.... but I looooove desserts. ;)

  5. totally impressed by your willpower! i expect to see some creative recipes to meet your needs but still not cheat ;)

  6. Good luck girl! I admire your self control :)