Monday, April 30, 2012

Thoughts: Idols

Every Sunday night, my hubby and I have a small group of friends over for worship prayer and communion.  Since Travis works at a church and we both play on 3 different worship teams, it can be easy to slip into "auto pilot" or "work mode" when we are at church.

We need times of pausing, reflecting, and worship...not just individually, but in community with other believers too.  So this hour and a half has become our little pocket of time to set aside and worship.  Last night my hubby shared what had been on his heart in regards to idols.

This immediately struck my heart and reminded me of an idol I constantly struggle with...acceptance. I want other people's acceptance to satisfy my craving for love and worth...but that is WRONG.  My acceptance and love needs to come from God alone.

So exactly how am I struggling with that? on this blog.  There are so, so many good and healthy aspects of blogging for me.  But there is the ever lurking, always dangerous threat of me trying to find my ultimate worth and acceptance in a little number located on the sidebar, or in the amount of emails in my inbox when I wake up in the morning.

Last night I sat and reflected on this.  It will be a constant struggle...I know.  Ultimately, I want to find my self-worth, acceptance, and love in my Heavenly Father.  Because unlike our fickle lives, passions, and minds...
He is my MAKER.
He is LOVE...the SOURCE of Love.

I want Him.

Be blessed.


  1. Hey Alesha! Thank you so much for following my blog and your sweet comment! What an honor to follow yours back! :) I love your post. I struggle with insecurity too. I think I'm confident and independent but man- things like those little numbers or comments can get to me! And I shouldn't let them! After all it is so true that I matter SO much to God. He doesn't rate it on numbers or anything. He loves me regardless. Great post! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. "Because unlike our fickle lives, passions, and minds...
    God is UNCHANGING.
    He is CONSTANT.
    He is WORTHY."

    I love this! It's so comforting and humbling to know that we serve a powerful and faithful God. I hear ya when you say it's easy to find acceptance in that "little number on the sidebar." Thanks so much for sharing your struggles with this; I'm reminded of how we should strive to be sufficient in Christ alone! (P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you were encouraged ;)

  3. I love your heart, Alesha. Thanks for your encouragement in your comments! And as for the idol of acceptance--I can relate! Thanks for this word!