Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Have You Heard

Have you heard of Uganda and Sudan?
Have you heard of the civil war ripping those countries apart?
Have you heard of the kiddnapping?
Have you heard of the genocide?
Have you heard of the child soldiers?
Have you heard of the children walking miles to the city each night?
Have you heard....

If not, please go visit their website.  Right now they are working on a massive campaign to raise awareness about Joseph Kony, leader of the army that is kidnapping child soliders and bringing terrible war to Africa.  Their goal is to raise awareness so that people will stand in support of stopping him once and for all.  Join me and sign the pledge and spread awarenss...bring the child soldiers home.

I also recommend you watch any of the videos put out by Invisible Children. They are informative, real, and heart wrenching.

I've been getting the emails and seeing this on Facebook for awhile, but I never thought to write about it on my blog until Aligna at Some Kind of Paradise did.  So yes, I'm copycatting, but this is a cause people need to know about.  So please follow suit and write about it on your blog...raise awareness.
Be blessed!

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