Saturday, December 1, 2012

Alphabet Week 20: TTT

Hello lovelies! We made it To week Twenty!!!

First Word that Pops into My Head:
Tea - I like tea...especially in the evenings. You?

People I Know:
Travis - My husband and the BESTEST person in the whole wide world!
Tony - My dad goes by Tony (his name is Anthony) and we have good friend named Tony
Taylor - I know a few girls and boys with this name
Tannah - A little girl that I used to go to church with.
Trenton - One of Travis' college friends
Tabbie/Tabby/Tabitha - Lots of these ladies that I love
Tad - A pastor at our church in Olympia
Ted - A firefighter who was a friend before he was a firefighter...Idk why I said it that way! haha!
Thomas - Another friend
Tons more... =)

Terra Cotta

Travis - Of coarse!
Talking - Yep. Sad but true!
Teens - I miss being a youth leader
Teaching - I love, love, love teaching!

Dictionary Word I didn't Know:
Tabacosis - Tabaco poisoning

Teriyaki - Travis loves teriyaki, but I'm not a huge fan
Thai - Neither of us likes thai food
Tortillas - LOVE
Tamales - My great grandma used to make AMAZING tamales...but I was too young to appreciate them. =(
Tangerines - YUM!
Tarts, Tortes, and other yummy "t" desserts!

I hope this Tops off your day and week Terrifically!

Be blessed.

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  1. so cute - love these! :) and i love tortillas too!