Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where Has Love Gone

I'm skipping What I Wore Wednesday today...

because I want to share this video with you.

I found out about this project well before it was released last week. Why? Well, my sister, an aspiring actress, was an extra in this music video. Also on of the girls in my small group at church was an extra as well.

They both are very passionate about acting and about the cause behind this video.

The goal of this video is to raise awareness...awareness that human trafficking is happening right in our backyard.  And almost noone knows.

The Defender Foundation is the organization behind this video and awareness campaign. However there are DOZENS of organizaiton that do amazing work on this.

So often we think of human trafficking as only an overseas problem. That is so very far from the truth.

Can you even imagine what these girls go through? Like the girl in the video, they often have NO IDEA what they are getting into. Other times, they are forced into prostitution by a "boyfriend". No matter how it comes about, they need a voice.

The Defender Foundation as well as other similar organizations are working to give these girls a voice. Please watch the video and share it.

The video had only volunteer actors/actresses and their dream is for this video to go viral and to help the people of America realize this terrible tragedy taking place our country. And to raise funds to help keep girls out of and free them from this horrible life.

Thanks for will rip your heart out...but it is worth it.

Be blessed.

(For those of you who are sister is the one in the white shirt and the big eyes when they are lined up for "inspection")


  1. So sad to know that is going on all over the world - right under our noses.

  2. Thank you for bringing awareness to a very real problem in our own backyards. This isn't just happening in far-away 3rd world countries. Standing by is NOT an option!

  3. Thank you do much Alesha! This is a topic so close to me - as I work with girls that are suspected are being trafficked quite often well done for raising this!